7 Resolutions to Integrate Accessibility in Your Development Practices

The end of the year is always a time for introspection and goal setting, and if you help make web applications inside or outside of work, then I have 7 very achievable resolutions you can consider for your year ahead.

My Experience of Data Engineering vs Software Application Engineering

Everyone works with data, integration and code but in a slightly different way. Data-engineering is a new specialisation and is not completely different from application engineering but it comes with different paradigms and challenges. Understanding the differences on both sides will ultimately help both roles work together better (your metadata will thank you!). And it’s also worth knowing that it’s possible to go between both roles if you feel like a change or challenge!

5 things I learned from translating the official React docs to German

Around six months ago after attending the conference React Amsterdam and hearing about all the benefits of contributing to open-source code and the community around it I got inspired to be part of it.

Async is fast, except when it isn’t

When I was becoming a developer, hammering away at online tutorials, picking a discipline and deciding on my bias (front-end, back-end…) I assumed somewhat optimistically, that the work I’d be doing would involve being given a spec for a thing and it being my job to go off and build said thing, any old way I chose. What I didn’t expect, and have since learned, was that most of my work would be on maintaining, extending and rebuilding systems that are already basically ‘done’. This has its pros and its cons. When I set to work in a team, I already have the conventions right there to work within which is great. Equally, when I set to work in a team, I already have the conventions right there to work within. So it’s really a double-edged sword.

40 Years as a Female Programmer, and Still Going!

I graduated in 1966 and worked as a research immunologist for a pharmaceutical company. When my husband changed jobs we moved to the Chiltern Hills where I became a full-time mum with two small children. There comes a time when the ‘little grey cells’ need more stimulation than just cleaning the house. So when I was told to "get a job" I knew there wouldn’t be any suitable work locally. So, with the support of my husband, an IBM systems engineer, I signed up for weekly evening classes at the nearby technical college for an "Introduction to Computers". No online learning, in fact no online anything, back then of course!

Life-long learning

When I was small, I loved water. The sea and lakes were my favorite places to be - you could cool yourself down, play watersports, paddle about and there was always ice cream nearby! But one day someone pushed my head under the water and I was scared going into water ever since. Now in my late 20s, I felt that I have been missing out beach holidays and water sports for long enough and it was time for me to sign up for lessons and conquer my fear. This was also because I was going on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday and I really didn't want my fear to hold me back.


This post is in a different format, find it here:

WebSocket on Android with OkHttp and RxJava

Have you ever heard about WebSocket? I didn’t until a couple of years back and when I first started working with that I immediately saw the beneficial of using it. If we have a look on internet about what WebSocket are made for that’s what we find on Wikpedia:

KnitScript: the shared method of knitting and coding

Here’s something a little different, and not exactly code related… or is it? I’m going to tell you how I think knitting is similar to coding, and how I think you should give it a go!

Developer Podcasts

I love a techy podcast for the walk home or during a run, and I always love getting new recommendations! So, I thought I would share a few of my favourites. Some are really code focussed and some are more just around tech in general.

Open Source can teach our students essential skills

Throughout our educational journey we have always been taught that generally two heads are better than one. That teams working at their optimum could do the impossible and it was almost the impossible to achieve this equilibrium. We could go on for days talking about all the factors on how to improve the efficiency of a development team, utilising and identifying the skills of the engineers and their motivations or even how to make great project plans…. However from my experience, and a lot of others’ research, what it really all comes down to is a pretty obvious (or not) factor…

The Adventures of Fern the Web Developer

by Laura Weatherhead

Becoming a Great Manager: Top Traits of a Great Software Engineering Manager

By Nizza Samuel

How to identify if your website has any the most common accessibility issues in 2019

Accessibility is super important! Technology is becoming an ever-more integral part of our world, and it’s important that we factor everyone in. When we build things that are inaccessible, we exclude people with disabilities from accessing information, being able to buy things from our sites, or interact with services.

A career-switcher's guide to getting in to tech and staying here

When I tell people I’m a developer these days, I still have that moment, just a beat, right after it lands. “I’m a developer,” I say. It’s in part pride but there’s also disbelief.

6 reasons to care about accessibility in web development

First of all, what is web accessibility? How do we define it? If you are a developer, or you work in tech, it's likely something that you've heard of, at least in passing.

Getting Started with Blazor WebAssembly

Blazor, the new framework on the block for .Net developers, allows is to build interactive web apps, either running in client side or server side. In this post I will give a brief intro to the WebAssembly implementation of Blazor and how to get started.

Pure CSS With Animation Christmas Tree

By Katie

An Intro to Git

By Fiona

Puzzle Time!

Hopefully I’m not the only developer out there who also enjoys doing crosswords…

Ladies of Code Glasgow Meetup

On Tuesday we had our final Ladies of Code meetup of the year, our Glasgow meetup had their now traditional Christmas meetup.

Tech Reading List

What’s on your reading list over the holidays? Here are a few of our tech related suggestions. Let us know what you are reading, we’ll try and keep the list up to date with recommendations! (We’ve deliberately not made it any tech stack specific)

2020 - the decade of equality

As we stand on the precipice of not only a brand spanking new year AND the dawn of a new decade, the SWiT board are facing ahead with renewed vigour and a clear vision - to increase equality in the technology sector. Gender equality is at the heart of our mission however each woman we engage with is so unique and talented in their own way so we cannot only focus on gender in isolation and expect equality.