Ladies of Code Glasgow Meetup


On Tuesday we had our final Ladies of Code meetup of the year, our Glasgow meetup had their now traditional Christmas meetup.

With mulled wine, Chirstmas tea and mince pies we welcomed both frequent attendees and newcomers for an evening of super interesting discussions.

First up we watched Losing Lena, a documentary about how we can make the coding world more inclusive and a brief history and how it became not so welcoming over the years. It even featured a pal and Scottish coder Ally Watson from Code Like a Girl telling us about why computing science education for everyone is so important.

It was really interesting and I recommend everyone in tech watches it:


After this, we reflected on the year and set goals for the new year using “stop, start, continue” retrospective technique. Fiona led the group in a conversation to discuss things they would like to stop doing in the new year, things they would like to continue doing and new things they would like to start doing either in work or personal life. 


We also had a board for feedback for the meetup to and suggestions for activities in the new year. We are super proud to have 12 meetups this year in Glasgow and so many amazing speakers. We're excited for 2020 and to start planning (after a well deserved break over the holidays!).

If you have never attended a Ladies of Code meetup and would like to know what we do, here are some of the events/ talk topics we have had this year:

  • Conversational UI
  • Java Programming
  • Coder bookclub
  • Technical Excelllence
  • Open Source Software
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Git
  • Datsets
  • Azure
  • Accessibility
  • Hacktoberfest Workshop
  • Lean coffee
  • Spatial Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Computational Modelling
  • PWAs
  • Radical Candor
  • … and of course, our Christmas meetup

Thanks to all our attendees, speakers and our hosts. See y’all in 2020!