Puzzle Time!


Hopefully I’m not the only developer out there who also enjoys doing crosswords…

The crossword is a mixture of cryptic and standard clues, plus a few 'quirky' ones that definitely wouldn't make it into The Times but should make sense to all developers out there! All answers are related to coding, the web or IT.



You'll need some clues, obviously! Please head over to https://lotte.dev to see them. You might even win a prize if you complete it correctly!



About The Author

Lotte Pitcher

London based .Net/C# developer and director of PAM Internet, who has been building websites since IE v3.1. Umbraco MVP and co-organiser of the Umbraco London meetups. Likes playing the ukulele and doing crosswords (clearly!)

She also happens to be the daughter of Dec 5th's author!