2020 - the decade of equality


As we stand on the precipice of not only a brand spanking new year AND the dawn of a new decade, the SWiT board are facing ahead with renewed vigour and a clear vision - to increase equality in the technology sector. Gender equality is at the heart of our mission however each woman we engage with is so unique and talented in their own way so we cannot only focus on gender in isolation and expect equality.

It is our mission for 2020 to increase equal participation at key events where we discuss equality. We will also endeavour to talk about *more* technology and empowerment when we face predominantly women in our audience.

So, as we enter the brave new decade let's see where we can really make an impact:

Know that by increasing the ratio of women working in technology roles, we are saving the world one less biased algorithm at a time. Studies show that equal teams build far more inclusive solutions.

EQ and IQ make you a powerful force. Women are in prime position to rock this and we believe this is where technology superpowers exist.

Smash tech stereotypes for younger generations, tell your story and let others know that technology doesn't need to be hard (if it is....you are doing it wrong...)

Have courage and know that brave steps and sitting with discomfort is where true personal growth happens, share those stories of vulnerability and courage with others. You never know who is watching on with admiration and feeling inspired.

Leave a legacy. One of my favourite quotes goes along the lines of 'happiness exists where you plant the trees for others after you to sit under' The women working in technology now are the pioneers that will pave the way for so many in years to come.

BE KIND TO YOUR MIND. Love & care for you as you progress on this journey. We need you to be in the best possible shape to help us on our mission. Here's to a powerful 2020.


About the Author

SWiT is a registered charity in Scotland and exists to champion, celebrate, and invest in women working in the technology sector. Their flagship event is the SWiT Awards each year where the entire pipeline of technology talent is recognised and celebrated from school teachers to lifetime achievers.

Lynsey Campbell is the current Chair of SWiT and also a leading technology role model in Scotland sharing the message of equality in technology for anyone willing to listen!